Your 40-Day Sugar Detox

Let me ask you...what is your relationship with food like?
Do you feel like...

... classic 'diets' feel like a form of deprivation? 

... when you've had a hard week, you need to reward yourself with sweets and 'comfort' food?

... sugar cravings hit you before you've even finished your meal?

... this vicious cycle is continuous, and you're not seeing results, so why should you bother?

Are you tired of this battle?

If you feel like your food relationship has never helped you curate the level of energy, mental clarity and feeling in your body that you desire - then I’m here to help you out. My highly acclaimed program Your 40-day Sugar Detox is back, and it was designed to help you to create a new healthy lifestyle from the ground up. 
So, what's included in  
Your 40-day Sugar Detox?

  • A guided 30-day Sugar Detox, with a community of Detoxers to cheer you along side your host, Dr. Laura Foster.
  •  A 10-day lifestyle reboot -- which helps you transition everything you learned over the previous 30 days into a full on lifestyle.
  •  Full 30-day menu plan, with easy recipes and grocery lists, so you know exactly what to buy to bust your cravings + help you thrive throughout the Detox.
  •  Weekly Videos with Dr. Laura Foster + BONUS videos with our awesome guest experts
  •   Twice weekly emails with ongoing recipes, support, tips, strategies & bonus content.
  •  Access to our private Facebook Group for connection with fellow Detoxers, Dr. Foster & guest experts.
  •  Digital AND Printed copies of the entire program, which includes a BONUS daily journal.
  •  We begin on May 23rd - June 25th -- the perfect chance for you to enter into summer with a fresh handle on your diet and lifestyle.
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This year I knew I had to make a change as I struggled with sudden weight gain, stress and anxiety that culminated into a series of panic attacks and debilitating night terrors. 
"My aunt, a close and long time friend of Laura’s, recommended that I start the sugar detox two years ago. This year I knew I had to make a change as I struggled with sudden weight gain, stress and anxiety that culminated in a series of panic attacks and debilitating night terrors. I went back to my aunt to follow up on the program and for my 25th birthday she gifted me the detox. It changed my life.

As a PhD student, my budget for food is limited by my stipend and my (limited) free time. I treated food as nothing more than a chore and as a result I became queen of the five-minute dinner: frozen meals, bagged meals, ready-made meals were all my default choices. With Laura’s program, I realized two fundamental things: my five-minute dinners didn’t need to be in a box to be fast, delicious and nutritious and second, I was addicted to sugar and it was harming my body in ways I didn’t even know. Despite working with several nutritionists and dieticians in recent years, this was the first program that I started and immediately felt a change in my mood, my skin and my energy levels. I was faced  with the fact that any of the things I had considered good choices were in fact loaded to the nines with sugar! The first week was especially hard, but Dr. Foster was immediately available to answer all of my questions. When I needed more specific recommendations, she had them - as did my fellow detoxers!

There was an immense sense of community within the program and its participants. The struggle to break our sugar addictions was collective, and it was powerful knowing that I wasn’t alone. Additional online content from a series of experts and close friends of Dr. Foster's was incredibly motivational. Completing this program culminated in a thorough re-evaluation of my relationship with food and cooking. When it ended, I felt vibrant for the first time in years and that was reason enough for me to make this a lifestyle. "

- Lauren K., 40-day Sugar Detox Participant
Ask Questions & Get Answers
One of the best parts of a program like this one, is that you are also joining a community of like-minded people who are on the same journey as you. Accountability makes all of the difference for some individuals, and joining a group like this one will give you just that, plus unlimited support and guidance from Dr. Laura Foster.
BONUS: A FreeGratitude Journal Included
You will receive both a digital ebook AND a printed copy of the entire program guide, which includes a BONUS daily gratitude journal. Learn to track your water consumption, movement patters and day to day mindset. This will help you to re-frame your thoughts around what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, starting from the inside out. 
40-Day Detox Program
This program runs for 40 days. With this length of time, you will have enough time to introduce and implement all of the new habits you'll learn on this journey. You will be provided with a 30-day menu plan all the delicious  recipes you need to make it happen. This menu will have you feeling vibrant, energetic and satisfied instead of hungry and deprived. 
Meet Dr. Laura Foster
Dr. Laura hosted a free masterclass to give you a taste about what you will learn in this amazing 40-day detox journey.

√ The top 10 things to avoid in order to drastically decrease sugar in your diet
√ How sugar affects your health, your skin, and your waistline
√ Learn how this program can help to dramatically shift your mindset and lifestyle into a healthy one
I started my new life style on Oct 18th 2017 and a new style it was. 
I really had no idea where to begin or how I was going to fair as I knew I was addicted to sugar as the craving's started before I was even finished my meal that I had to have something sweet or I didn't feel complete. I was also nervous as I was not a "clean" eater to begin with and i also didn't do the cooking in our home, my husband did, for us and our two remaining adult children in the house. I thought for sure I was going to be alone in this endeavour. Boy was I shocked when my husband starting helping out my looking at the recipes and making my own dressings, meals and incorporating the meals into all our dinners. I was grateful, honored and blessed as it made it extremely easy for me to stay on track! 

I honestly am amazed that it is now 76 days later and I have still not had any cookies, candies, chocolates, sauces, etc.( and that was through Halloween and Christmas and New Years.) I am eating clean, and loving how I feel. My morning coffee's consist of almond butter or coconut oil and I have totally broken the habit of International coffee cream. I have gone from Sweet cider to dry cider and sometimes Sweet potatoes can be too sweet.  I am very proud of myself which is a really nice feeling and want to thank Laura for her amazing compassionate detox and advise along my journey. I never felt alone.

My life has changed in such a positive way and I don't want it to ever go back to where I was. The path is golden and I'm dancing down it.

- Glenis M.

Dr. Laura’s detox was one of the most inspiring detoxes I have ever done.
Often times I have felt that I was over the top with trying to be healthy. She confirmed how important cutting out sugar including fruit is as well many other things. She has so much knowledge to share as you can see that she lives and breathes the low sugar lifestyle. I experienced a renewed energy and joy that I could actually do this with the help of the inspirational videos and resources.  The cook book alone has so many gems! This detox has changed my life in a way that confirmed what I’ve always felt I needed to eat and I now feel supported to do, my energy levels are way more consistent and I feel more grounded and strong mentally.  This knowledge has spilled over into my family as well as my children and they have been made more awareness their choices. Solid recipes, supportive videos that I can always return to and knowledge have helped me to stick with this and to continue the lifestyle.  

Thanks Laura!

 - Lea K. 
Dr. Foster has changed my life.
She is a true inspiration. I have learned so much about the harmful addiction to sugar. I have gained so much knowledge about habits, cooking, nutrition, exercise, self care and myself. I want to continue on this journey and create a new lifestyle for myself and family. Thank you Dr. Foster. 

- Kathryn W
This is my 2nd go at the program & I found it to be easy and practical to add to my routine.
It has given me a new perspective on my food choices. I am more alert and question my meal choices to the point where I don't really miss the "s" word. Thank you for this ongoing journey.

 - Nick S.
 I have gained so much insight by being part of the 40 day detox. 
Though 40 day is deceiving because you really need to keep it up to fully benefit. I ended up with the flu over Christmas which was brutal, all I wanted for a couple of days was ginger ale (yikes) while I indulged I still had the fructose free Blue Sky one. Still way to much sugar but I wasn’t eating so I gave in. It’s such a good program and you really don’t feel deprived unless your around people who are over indulging which is the norm over Christmas. I love the way my hands don’t hurt the same as when I eat lots of sugar and for me that is reason enough to keep with it. That and my head is way clearer. Thanks laura looking forward to the next round. 

- Julie D
My BIG take away is being mindful, open and aware of what fuels me!
Hi Laura, I completed your on line sugar detox a little over a month ago.... my BIG take away is Being mindful, open and aware of what your fuels you... and to be kind to the experience and to yourself! Taking away the judgement and self sabotage was a big one for me. I'm grateful to the program and you as well for crossing my path.  I'm still focused and mindful when making my food choices beyond that I'm listening to my body and how it responds and feels! Picking up cues and feeling empowered and encouraged on what 2018 has in store for me! Thank you! 

- Mima D.
The sugar detox has changed US!
We are more aware of what we are putting in and on our bodies. We are eating better then ever, feeling great about ourselves and moving all the time. We read labels, buy more organic then ever before! Tonight, our son, who has not been on the detox fully, but eats what we eat for the most part (He still enjoys his carbs) made dinner. He made a dinner that he has enjoyed his whole life with potatoes. Tonight he made one with potato and one with cauliflower mash on top. If that is not progress I don't know what is! Love our new eating lifestyle!

-Heather B
Creator of Your 40-Day Sugar Detox
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